These are the star charts that I created for the [Martha & Keith] Betz Ephemeris.

The first two are both the same star map, with the same bright stars labelled and with the same layout. They are a "linear" or "XY" plot with West to the right and North up. The difference is in the overlays of longitude boundaries, and the connecting lines and labels of the constellations.

Nakshatra View

Rashi View

Last are the "Polar" plot views with the Celestial North Pole at the center and the North Ecliptic Pole 23-1/2 degrees below it. This is a stylized view of what the sky would look like looking straight up while standing at the Earth's rotational North pole (THE "North Pole"... from on top of Santa's roof ;-). The daily track of the North Ecliptic Pole would be straight overhead from (and tracing out) the Arctic Circle. The wheel spokes are lines of Right Ascension as well as the Tropical Sign boundaries. Using these lines and the Celestial Equator circle half way out from center, this is basically a Tropical Horoscope for someone with Tropical 0 Degrees "Aries" rising flipped top to bottom so that the 4th House Cusp/Nadir is up.

Polar Nakshatra View

Polar Rashi View

Johnathan Brown.